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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  July 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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fell on the tent that was occupied by two boys and a 7- year-old and a 2-year-old. >> reporter: powerful winds and frequent lightning whipped through the state friday night. >> sounded like the fourth of july. there was a major light show. the lightning didn't stop for about 90 minutes. >> reporter: amtrak train traveling from new york to chicago waylaid in west virginia by downed trees. >> i heard the weather and heard the sound of the train, and the next thing i know we were stopped, it was pitch black. >> the power is out, and nothing but mountains on both sides. >> reporter: the 232 passengers eventually made it out by bus. ohio, west virginia, maryland, and virginia all declared states of emergency. president obama has reached out to the governors. trees twisted in wires across the washington, d.c. suburbs. crews in virginia and maryland trying to untangle a puzzle of
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power lines, saying the job requires some extra manpower. >> we requested over a thousand crews. >> reporter: linemen working here in west virginia in the 90- degree heat trying to restore power and relief to more than half a million customers. the national weather service calling friday night's storm a line of thunderstorms packaging damaging straight line winds. some cities felt gusts up to 90 miles per hour. elizabeth prann, fox news. >> the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. the edge begins with caution, chaos and confusion, as people across the area continue to pick up the pieces tonight. more than half a million of people still without power. downed trees and debris remain scattered in streets, yards and
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on top of houses. intersections are in the dark, driving motorists mad. >> here's what you need to know. more than half a people still without power. there is a boil advisory for water for people in falls church, tysons corner and dun lauren virginia. customers in montgomery county and prince george's county, the restrictions have been lifted. >> let's get to the numbers. pepco reporting more than 294,000 customers out. dominion virginia has 202,000 without power in northern virginia. and bge says in montgomery county and prince george's county, about 37,000 outages. >> all programs and activities in county school buildings are canceled monday and tuesday because of widespread power loss. administrative offices are closed. only designated staff will have to report on monday. fox5's audrey barnes reports.
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>> reporter: montgomery county has opened a number of cooling stations offering a place to wait out the very hot days. bob gray is getting his dog used to the neighborhood around the inn in bethesda, because they're going to be there a while. power is out in his neighborhood, and he's made a reservation through next sunday. >> i'm a meteorologist, i work for noaa. so i saw it coming and i made reservations before it hit. >> reporter: oh, you had insider trader information, right? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: the lines of cars waiting to check in at some hotels stretched down the block. it was standing room only at the reservation counter. bob hogueland was lucky enough to snap up one of the last available rooms for his family. they couldn't spend a single night in their 17th floor apartment with no electricity. >> pretty bad up there. and our generator didn't work,
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either, so no elevators. had to walk up and down the stairs. >> reporter: two days after the storm, and katrina is still cleaning up. after hurricane-strength winds toppled trees in her yard, igniting the power lines outside her window. >> the tree that was laying on the wires actually snapped under the tension, and burned a hole in my yard. scary. my yard caught on fire. >> reporter: after about 20 calls to 911, she finally got through. but she didn't get the response she expected. >> initially they were like, is your house on fire? we can't come out until your house is on fire. >> reporter: katrina snapped a few photos, hoping she wouldn't have to make another call saying this time her house was on fire. for now, the only people in this rice road neighborhood with electricity are those with generators. while she waits for pepco to
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untangle the mess of branches and power lines and get everyone back online, friends have come to her aid. and believe it or not, she's feeling lucky. >> people had trees go straight through their house. by comparison, i'm really thankful. >> reporter: katrina has a number of places that she can stay until her electricity is restored. if you don't, montgomery county has opened a number of cooling stations offering you a place to wait out the hot days still to come. back to you. audrey, thank you. some neighborhoods in d.c. are in darkness tonight. the huge trees that lined the streets of american university park gave comfort to residents there for years. but within the last 48 hours they have become a big source of concern. fox5's tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: good evening. we are on chesapeake street in northwest d.c. tonight. it is a neighborhood that is in
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pitch darkness except for our television lights and with good reason. let's show you what we think is a classic example of what a lot of folks have been dealing with. this massive tree that came down on those power lines friday night, as you can see, that wood on the interior part of the trunk looks like it's been dead for some time. you have no way of knowing that. it's covered in leaves and outwardly looks healthy from what the neighbors had to say to us. when it came down on those wires it's on now, it took off the very top of the telephone pole. you might not can see the charred marks on the end, but we can smell the singing. the part about this people aren't liking, it's been two days here, and folks here says no one has been by to check on
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this. we saw one pepco truck come by. they looked at this, but drove on by. we don't know whether or not they were going to another job or going to report it. take a look again. as we go into this, you can see that it is literally about 20 feet up in the air now, resting on the power lines. crews will have to cut down the tree, and restring the wires and probably fix the telephone pole. the bottom line, folks tell us there are 57 traffic intersections in this city without power and they are urging everybody as they head out monday morning to use extra caution. american university park, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. the news edge is far from over. gary is coming up with a final look at your forecast.
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we have the expectation of showers and thunderstorms. earlier this evening that was a
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thunderstorm issued. this does not include metro counties. washington county here and the counties bordering i-81, frederick, virginia, frederick county, virginia, and washington county maryland here. hagerstown, martinsberg, winchester, front royal, all in this thunderstorm watch until 2:00 a.m. let's hope what we're seeing back out to the west developing will not facilitate this watch being expanded farther to the east. all of this area under the red tonight, a chance for severe thunderstorms and this area has been expanded so they're watching these thunderstorms getting closer to us. fairly mild tonight. cooler in places. lower 70s. 74 here in town. the thunderstorms will be possible overnight tonight after midnight. more likely between about 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. some of us may get some. mild overnight lows, down to 74 in town. winds out of the north- northwest at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. cooler for tomorrow.
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not going to see upper 90s. 93 here in town. a lot of 90s back out in our western suburbs. 96 quantico and 92 fredericksburg. with the relative humidity coming down, it should feel a little bit more comfortable tomorrow afternoon. lower 90s tomorrow. could be one or two spotty thunderstorms, but it does look like a summertime pattern comes back. wednesday, hot and humid. 96degrees. and just about every single day chance of thunderstorms. thank you, gary. want to show you the utility numbers one more time. write them down. never know when you might need them. one person had power and lost it again. you never know when you'll need them. write them down. share them as well. >> as always, you can get the numbers and other important information like closings, weather updates, advisories all on >> it has been a busy weekend.
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but that does do it for us. fox5 news is always on >> keep it here. sports xtra two minutes away. >> stay safe. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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